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St. John’s, Newfoundland, part 2


St. John’s and a large part of Newfoundland was settled by Irish Catholics. I did not know that. They speak with a pronounced Irish accent, particularly in the “urban” areas. In the countryside, they speak more of a normal Canadian accent, perhaps tinged with a bit of Quebecois. But the urban Newfies sound Irish.

These are more pictures from Cape Spear, the easternmost point in the North American continent.

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  • The landmass to the north is St. John’s and its harbor.
  • The square white building with the dome on top is the original Cape Spear lighthouse, circa 1836. Now it’s someone’s home, I think. It looks lived in.
    The automated white lighthouse is much newer, perhaps sixty years old.
  • The grainy long-distance shot of a cubical building on the faraway north shore is the Cabot Tower on Signal Hill, in St. John’s. Signal Hill is where Marconi received the first transatlantic radio transmission in 1901.

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