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Out of the blue


A… cousin, I guess you would call it, called me from out of the blue yesterday. She was in the area and wanted to see me. I have not seen her for more than a decade. I have not spoken to her in at least five years. We trade emails perhaps every year or two.

She is one of those caring people who think it’s their civic duty to keep in touch with family. You know the kind I mean. They’re the binder, the glue, which holds extended families together.

I don’t know what to do with that kind of attention. I’m not prickly, in a “stay away from me” kind of way. I’m more “non-stick.” I’m fine if you’re there, I’m fine if you’re not there. I’m the cat who walks by himself. Most Martians are that way. We are a unique tribe. I married a Martian, which was good because only another Martian could tolerate my ways. But it still surprises me that our race even bothers to procreate and survive. I must be more Martian than most Martians.

I like it that my cousin cares. I’m pleased that she thought of me. But of course, she’d been in the area for a week on vacation, and called me only a day or two before she was due to leave, to see if I was available. So I take that for what it’s worth. She cares, but not so much that she let me know in advance that she was coming. If I’d known, I would have made an effort to see her in the time I had available. But I didn’t know. So now I’m a thousand kilometers away from her, when she’s only 50 kilometers from my house at the moment.

Too bad, so sad. Onward and upward. Perhaps we will sync up again in another decade.


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    It sounds like something I would do! I tend to be the connector in my family and a few months ago made a grand attempt to connect with a few of my cousins when I went out west. Today I discovered one of them came on vacation to within an hour of my house without any attempt to connect with me. Hmmm … I’m definitely re-thinking my “heroic” efforts to maintain family ties in future visits out west.


    • 2012-09-18T15:48:45+00:00 15:48

      I’m kind of like your cousin… I may not say anything if I’m near them and I don’t want to visit, because I don’t want to hurt their feelings if they find out later I was there. ;-) You’re such a good connector. I was just thinking about you the other day! Happy (belated) birthday! ;-)


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