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LCD Soundsystem, “Disco Infiltrator”


I like this tune because the arpeggiator is a direct reference to 1981’s “Home Computer” by Kraftwerk.

It must be interesting to participate in crowds of people dancing like the video shows. I could not do that. I can’t be in close proximity to groups of strangers, breathing the same atmosphere they’ve just exhaled, being spattered with droplets of sweat and alcohol, being battered by pulsating noise at high volume. Very unsanitary. Migraine-inducing, even.

The depiction of the band members, and of the squalor in which they live, is interesting. Do most people live that way? I don’t. My rooms are stark, unadorned, empty. The older I get, the fewer possessions I have. I can’t imagine living with piles of clothes, papers, pictures, furniture. Spartan style is better.

Kraftwerk, the inspiration for “Disco Infiltrator.”

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