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St. John’s, Newfoundland, part 1


Some non-hurricane photos of St. Johns and the surrounding area.

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  • St. John’s from a hill to the south, overlooking the city. It’s about 150,000 people. The snow gets a meter deep in the winter.
  • A little lake to the south of St. John’s. One family has a big house fronting the lake. It’s basically their personal lake. Except that the road is right next to the lake, and the shore is billed as a “park.” Basically it’s a park for the one person who can fit their car into the pull-off next to the road.
  • All the rest of the pictures are from Cape Spear, the easternmost point in the North American continent. There was a large coastal gun battery, three bunkers, at Cape Spear, each with an 8-inch “disappearing” gun which was loaded and then elevated over the parapet to fire it. There is an active lighthouse at Cape Spear also.



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    I remember watching a House Hunters episode or two in that area. It was beautiful.


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