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The eye of the hurricane


The storm on Tuesday was swift and violent, yet within six hours it had blown itself out. The sun came out and the wind calmed a bit, and we knew we were in the hurricane’s eye. Yet it didn’t darken again, it just blew a bit harder as the backside of the hurricane passed over us, and then it finally got calm by nightfall as the trailing edge of the storm passed out to sea.

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  • Gorillas in the mist? No, morons in the hurricane, stumbling around in the parking lot at Cape Spear’s lighthouse.
  • The people next to me damaged their car doors when the wind bent them backwards at the hinge. Given the state of the car to begin with, I don’t think it mattered much.
  • The sea was whipped by the wind into enormous, slow-moving, mountainous swells.
  • By afternoon, the watery sun had come out, but the wind was still ferocious. It died down by nightfall.
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    Jungle storm!


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