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I want to see “Looper”


Bruce Willis is always a sure-fire hit. And anything with Bruce Willis AND a plot about time travel has to be good.

The first example is “Twelve Monkeys.” This promo does not do the movie justice. Bruce is a prisoner, sent back in time from the year 2035, trying to figure out how a mutated virus spread so quickly and destroyed the human race in 1996. His ultimate goal is to stop it from ever happening. He keeps getting sent back to different times, over and over again, trying to save the world from a death that it’s already suffered.

The second example is “Looper,” coming out in two weeks. A young mob hitman, whose job it is to wait in the past and kill bound-and-blindfolded people whom the mob sends back from the year 2072, recognizes himself as the next target to appear out of thin air. He doesn’t fire, the target escapes, and the rest of the movie pits the older Bruce Willis (mob victim/target) against his younger self (mob hitman). I expect it will be fun.

  1. 2012-09-17T21:16:02-04:00 21:16

    Bruce will always draw me to the movies. But I think I’ll wait for it on PPV.


  2. Blithe permalink
    2012-09-12T13:18:09-04:00 13:18

    Marvin the Martian,
    I saw the preview while I was at the movies, attending another movie! It does seem interesting being that it’s in the future, and that Bruce Willis gets to beat down “himself,” only the former him. I may go see it, it does indeed seem interesting.

    Blithe M.


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