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Labor Day


Labor Day in the United States is typically a celebration of the power of unions. It’s a day when no one works. Think about that. Shouldn’t it be called “Loafing Day” ?

In the Martian household, Labor Day is a work day. Today I am finishing actual billable work which should have been done last week, but I had too many interruptions. I am also laying more tile in the living room. Martians are good at tiling. All those tentacles, you know, help keep the flow moving. Lay down a blob of thinset mortar, spread it out with the trowel, lay down the tile, check it with a bubble level against its neighbors, scrape the edges clean, then repeat the process. Multiple tentacles make it easier.

I also have a list of things to do, cancellations of accounts to enter, but no one works today, so that will have to be done tomorrow.

I also finished the final level of Borderlands, called “The Destroyer.” Big tentacled octopus thing from another dimension has me trapped on a rocky plateau. He showers me with blue stalactites which land all around me and explode, and periodically he waves a white-hot heat beam at me. I cower behind a rock and pop up and shoot him in his cyclops eye (his weakest point) every few seconds with an alien fireball cannon I have found. The white fireballs float across the plateau and strike him in the face, making him scream and thrash. Finally he wraps a tentacle around my rock and leaves it there. I proceed to shoot his tentacle for the next five minutes until I exceed his hit point value and he finally dies. It’s a bit anticlimactic. I can keep playing the game and finish all the other missions I haven’t done yet (I’m a level 34 so I’m well-nigh invincible) but I don’t think I’ll bother. Incendiary submachinegun, corrosive sniper rifle, static-lightning machinegun, alien fireball cannon… they’re all nice toys, but I’ve already achieved the main point of the game.

I am taking the rest of the week as vacation, to work on the house. Tiling, framing, flooring, painting… so much to do.

I will try to post more next week. Have a lovely week!


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  1. 2012-09-09T10:10:16-04:00 10:10

    I think it’s fair enough that hard-working people get a day off to celebrate their effort to keep the society running. Of course being non-US-American it’s strange to me that you have a totally different day for this celebration compare to the rest of the world.


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