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Men ignoring their health


Part of being male is to (a.) think you’re invincible, and (b.) pretend that nothing is wrong with you. That’s just how males are. They’re built that way. That’s why they need a woman to look after them, because men don’t really have the sense to look after themselves. Women are built that way, to look after others; it’s what they do. So the symbiosis of a man and a woman work well together.

People have been telling me that I don’t look well. But there’s nothing wrong with me, of course. I don’t know what they’re seeing. I’ve been a bit tired, true, burning the candle at both ends with work. It’s been making me think of a career change, though my superior would be most unhappy if I did.

Luckily I have a wonderful woman to look after me, until such time as I can make a career change, a life change, that will let me slow down a bit. Meanwhile, I’m a typical Martian male, nothing’s wrong with me, I’m just fine. But if something IS wrong with me, then my darling wife will spot it and help me fix it. That’s why she’s my darling wife.

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