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A month ago, my computer died, thanks to a Windows update. It took me a week to recover my data and put it on a new computer.

Today, the new computer died. I am very angry.

Luckily I also have precognitive paranoia. So I have been backing up my data constantly since the last crash. So this crash is merely an inconvenience,  not a disaster.

I am still very angry about it. I will switch hardware, to be sure, but I also want to switch operating systems, because I am sick of Windows’ instability. Sadly, most of the software I use doesn’t run on anything BUT Windows. So I am stuck.

I will content myself with backing up my data obsessively, and smashing each machine that dies on me with a ball-peen hammer.

  1. 2012-08-22T05:14:32+00:00 05:14

    That’s a shame to read.

    I’ve had nothing but stability from my Windows systems for the majority of the last decade … My XP machine (Toshiba) did extremely well (over 7 or so years) with nary a rebuild and few crashes. It’s only issue was a progressive slowing down, and no wonder with the way I treated it.

    And the only trouble I’ve had with my current Win7 machine (Asus – granted, I’ve only had it 9months) has been my own doing and it’s still standing. The worst crash I had involved me flicking the power button soon after I’d already started it up, in doing so curruopting a file in Windows. The machine just ran a recovery procedure and away I went again …

    Just sayin’ … Not looking to get into Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux, etc discussions …


    • 2012-08-22T17:19:43+00:00 17:19

      At least SOMEONE is having a decent Windows experience. I already planned to go Mac at home, but only after Steve Jobs was dead. Now he is, so I’ll switch at some point. But work must remain Windows-based, sigh.


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