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Thank you


Apparently even bad writers have fans. I am living proof. This means that good writers (like many of you) have hope, because if I have fans, so can you. Similarly, recent events have proven that you can also be elected President, even if you’re not an American citizen. So if writing doesn’t work out for you, you can always be President. :-> (I don’t want to be President, I will settle for “Deputy Director of North American Protectorate of the Martian Empire), so instead I will work on honing my “craft,” whatever that is.)

Although I normally ignore WordPress’ suggestions and statistics, I notice that my Follower list is increasing steadily. That’s very kind of you, all of you, even those who set up a rule to route my emailed posts into your Deleted folder, where my scribblings can rot next to ads for Magic Jack and “performance enhancements.”

Thank you, you are most kind to follow me. I don’t follow anyone (it’s sort of a personal rule of mine) but I do try to stop in and comment on a semi-regular basis. I have more time to do that when I travel than when I’m home.

Appropriate music below. (Professional musician on a closed course. Do not attempt to play a musical instrument while driving.)

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