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Open walls


The most interesting thing about buildings in Hawaii is how one wall is often open to the outside. The temperature in Hawaii ranges from 21 to 30 C, which makes for a very mild climate. A breeze is always blowing, and rain comes in a few quick sprinkles each day, but never a horizontally-blowing monsoon like in the jungle where I live. Because the weather is so mild, and the rain never blows sideways, this lets hotels and restaurants have one wall open to the outside.

It’s lovely.

Jalousie windows are the rule in Hawaiian buildings, because they allow massive airflow. I turned on the air conditioning in my hotel room, but only because I wanted to keep it cool while blocking out the traffic noise from the street below. Residents in high-rises probably don’t have to worry so much about traffic noise, since they’re so far above it.

  1. 2012-08-20T03:54:34-04:00 03:54

    That sounds awesome … A mild climate would be nice. We didn’t see the sun at all for four days last week. Had it for a few and now it’s gone again. Maybe in a day or two …


    • 2012-08-20T07:04:27-04:00 07:04

      Are you sure you’re not living in Cleveland? All those cities around the Great Lakes have the same problem… no sun. Seasonal Affective Disorder is rampant there, especially in Toledo. Toledo… there’s a place I won’t be rushing back to visit.


      • 2012-08-20T18:21:52-04:00 18:21

        We don’t usually get it this bad. And the summers are pretty good.


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