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“Stars Earn Stripes” is great fun


Stars Earn Stripes” is a new “reality” TV show on NBC where erstwhile celebrities get training from military personnel, suit up in military gear, and run “missions” to compete for prize money, which gets donated to charity.

A group of nine has-been Nobel Peace Prize winners (not including Dear Leader, who “didn’t earn that“) have written a letter to NBC demanding that “Stars Earn Stripes” be canceled. They think the show glorifies war.

I’m wondering where these “luminaries” were when “Jersey Shore” began polluting the airwaves? That show glorifies stupidity, alcoholism, unsafe sexual practices, gross materialism, and generally all of the things which represent the decay of a society. But perhaps that doesn’t matter to Nobel Peace Prize recipients. They’re just upset that “Stars Earn Stripes” features real soldiers, fake soldiers, and lots of guns.

I think reality TV producers need to be flogged in public and made to sign a statement swearing that they will henceforth only create nature documentaries. But until that happy day, “Stars Earn Stripes” is fun to watch. And it does engender respect, in both the contestants and the viewers, for all the amazing things that the brave soldiers of the United States do to ensure the safety of their nation and of law-abiding people around the world.

If Desmond Tutu and his doddering pacifist cronies don’t like the show, they don’t have to watch. And instead, they should put on their trifocals and look for other methods of grasping for relevancy in a modern age where the Nobel Peace Prize no longer has any meaning.

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