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The Bronx, with palm trees


I arrived in Honolulu yesterday. Rainbows are common here, with the wet Pacific air from the west rising up over the small volcanic mountains and condensing into clouds over the east. Hawaii license plates have a large rainbow on them. The geography is similar to that of San Francisco with the hills, only the hills are sharper and steeper, keeping some of them free of houses and buildings.

Honolulu seems relatively poor. Most of the houses and buildings seem to have been built between 1950 and 1970. Many buildings have flat roofs with large sprinkler standpipes and valves on top, and others have peaked roofs with long overhangs to provide shelter from the occasional torrential rain. The wooden buildings do not fare very well in the humidity, with lots of peeling paint and wood rot. Just north of the tourist district of Waikiki Beach, graffiti is rampant. The city does a great job of covering it up: I saw only one or two actual tags. Everywhere else, most vertical concrete surfaces are a patchwork of different colors of paint to cover up the graffiti underneath. It reminds me of the Bronx district of New York City, only with palm trees. But unlike the Bronx, there are no burned-out cars.

Perhaps tomorrow night I will explore a bit.

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