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Random August


I am buried in work at home this week.

  • Next week I will be in Hawaii. I have never been to Hawaii. It was not on my “bucket list” to go because I do not keep a bucket list. Every day I wake up is a good day, so bucket lists seem trivial. I will be working the whole time I am there, and will probably not have any time to see anything, even though I will be staying on what’s left of the much-eroded Waikiki Beach. If I can, I will go visit Pearl Harbor. If not, I will go look at the National Park website, which has information about Pearl Harbor today versus December 1941. Oil still bubbles up from the wreck of the Arizona, I’m told, and the bodies of many of the 1177 men who died on the ship are still down there, as are many other corpses of men who died on other ships sunk in the Japanese air raid there.
  • The kitchen renovation proceeds. We ripped out most of the kitchen this past weekend. We will tear out the rest of it this weekend. Our sink will be the laundry tub for awhile.
  • I finally met my friend who moved near me and whom I haven’t seen in years. She looks wonderful, and most importantly, she and my darling wife got along smashingly. That’s important.
  • Work is busy. Busy is good.
  • It’s hot and getting hotter. I will probably have to put up hurricane shutters as a precaution.
  • I read that a white supremacist shot and killed several people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. I don’t understand people who think that one race is better than another. One culture is better than another, certainly, but culture is not the same as race. And I wish people would stop mistaking Sikhs for Muslims. Sikhs do not blow themselves up and kill people who do not believe as they do. Yet I read about how some Sikhs are reluctant to say “We’re not Muslims” for fear that people will remember that it’s a good thing not to be Muslim. Ridiculous. Plus, Sikhs wrap their turbans in a special way, while most Muslims don’t wear turbans of any type.
  • Only 90 days until American citizens can vote themselves a more intelligent executive branch of government than the one they have. It will be interesting to watch. Meanwhile the media keeps publishing skewed polls (where Democrats are oversampled by up to 11 percent), trying to pretend that Dear Leader still has a majority of the voters’ support. But with major liberal TV channels’ viewership plummeting, it’s not clear if anyone is paying attention to the skewed polls anymore.

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