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Extreme, “Cupid’s Dead”


Stuck in my heads today. You must suffer too. Go and buy Extreme’s “III Sides to Every Story” in the used CD section. You’ll be glad you did.

The original version is blocked on YouTube. This one is an odd one with some synth brass flourishes thrown in, and it’s been processed through a monophonic flanger, which makes it sound strange, but it also makes it harder for Google/YouTube’s Audio Magic snooper software to spot it and block it. (When the Martian Empire decides to stop leaving the Earth to its own devices, the executives of Google and UMG will be among the first ones against the wall.)

  1. 2012-08-02T02:19:48-04:00 02:19

    OMG I love this song (among others). No suffering to be had. One of my favourite albums. One of my favourite bands. I absolutely adore the “III Sides to Every Story” triplet of songs at the end … Oh, now I want to listen to it … but I don’t have the house to myself. It might have to be headphone territory …


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