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Things I saw in MinneSOtah


These descendants of Norwegian farmers in MinneSOtah have their own way of speaking, dontcha know. Yah, you betcha.

I’m more used to “yup,” but “yah, you betcha” seems to have the same semantic content.

I am working in St. Paul. I was thinking that this was the safe area, and that Minneapolis was crime-ridden. I was wrong.

I saw some interesting things.

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  • The vertical-lift railroad bridge is the St. Paul Union Pacific Rail Bridge, one of only three such vertical-lift bridges on the Mississippi River. It was built in 1913, and although it was made to raise up 15 meters, it has been restricted to a 12-meter lift for the last 35 years because of the age of the mechanism.
  • The airport beyond the bridge is Holman Field. Not a lot of activity there.
  • I have met no one here who admits to being a Lutheran. I knew a woman once who belonged to the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the most militant of the Lutheran sects. She was insane, but I think that was her own personality flaw, not the fault of her religion as such. Most Lutherans I have met are very nice. I’m sure the Lutherans here are nice. If there are any left.
  • This little cart was basically a large pedal-powered picnic table with a driver and a big keg. The patrons sit and busily pedal while they drink, and the driver steers them lazily through the streets. It looked interesting.
  • The big red building is the old Bank of St. Paul building. They don’t build them like this anymore. I like the architecture.


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