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Ethically challenged, part 2


Ex-co-worker was furious that (a.) the client fired her for her bad behavior, and (b.) that we terminated her early since she was no longer billable and obviously wasn’t in a mood to be. She sent off a nasty email ordering me not to contact her on her personal email, and stipulating strict times and dates that she would be available for an exit interview. She was in rare bipolar form. (Hmm, there’s some automatic disqualifiers in our future hiring process… “angry lesbian” or “bipolar”. Of course, we’ll never document it that way… can’t have the angry lesbians at the EEOC getting their boxers in a bunch.)

I replied to the ex-co-worker’s personal email and said that I agree, I won’t be contacting her on her personal email.

Ex-co-worker used her Imperial credit card to buy more than $100 worth of groceries Monday morning as she drove in to the client’s site. (A normal week of groceries at a client site is perhaps $40.) When she got herself fired Tuesday morning, she bought $150 more of groceries and went home. Unsurprising, really, given her other ethical misbehavior.

You can’t deduct disallowed expenses from an employee’s final paycheck, but you can withhold their last expense check and deduct the disallowed expenses from that. And we shut off her card immediately. There was already a large expense check in the mail to her for previous expenses. We put a stop on it. We’ll wait for the dust to settle and then pay her what we owe her. The rest is her responsibility.

Now the client can’t find a bunch of files that she was working on. Presumably she didn’t work on them at all, but we don’t know. We’re hoping that (a.) she sends back her computer undamaged, and (b.) the missing files are on it. If not, well, life goes on. No one will die as a result, but we won’t get any repeat business from that client again. It’s unfortunate, because I spent years building it up, only to have it ruined by one ethically-challenged subordinate. But in the consulting world, what goes around comes around. I think she will suffer for her poor decisions.

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