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New old neighbors


A while back, I talked about our neighbor, a woman who kept bringing unemployed black men home with her from bars, and letting them stay at her house for days or weeks before she got tired of them and sent them packing. The men were perfectly fine with this scenario… the ones we talked to had other girlfriends to mooch off of. When one woman would kick them out, they would drift along and find another woman to crash with, until they got kicked out again.

Our neighbor didn’t care, she was just in it for the sex. The thought makes me shudder, because I haven’t described her or her choices of bedmates. Imagine someone you know who’s really unattractive, and then ratchet their appearance three notches worse. There you are.

Our main concern was safety, though. We live in a quiet neighborhood. People don’t have to lock their doors. You can leave lawn furniture out and it won’t disappear. We like it that way. We don’t like having skeezy drifters hanging out. It makes my trigger tentacle itch.

Our neighbor thankfully moved north and rented out her house to people she knew up north. They are lovely people. We like them very much. They lived there for more than a year, and they liked the neighborhood so much that they started looking for a house nearby. We tried to convince them to buy the house they were living in, but they weren’t sure, and our neighbor wanted a LOT of money for it.

It turns out that they decided to buy our neighbor’s house after all. We are SO glad, because we like them a lot. We’re not friends, as such (we don’t do dinner together), but we’re friendly and we all get along. It’s a much more congenial relationship than we had with our neighbor.

We love our “new” old neighbors, and we’re so glad they’re staying. Good neighbors are hard to find.

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