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Random thoughts on firefights

  • Never use drum magazines. They always jam. In contrast, I’ve never seen a pump or lever-action weapon jam. Slower, aimed fire is always more effective. It’s not who fires the first shot, it’s who fires the first accurate shot.
  • If your opponent is wearing body armor, aim for the face or neck, even though they are small, bobbing targets. It’s virtually impossible to ignore a hit there, and it usually ends the battle. Barring that, aim for the hands or feet. A disabling hit there will give you more time to aim for the head.
  • Use the largest-diameter or fastest projectile you can handle. Anything of 9mm diameter or faster than 300m/s will do the job. Bigger or faster is better. Frangible rounds such as Glasers are best. I don’t think a human has ever survived a direct hit in the torso or the head with a Glaser round. And if you miss, frangibles disintegrate on contact with a hard surface, minimizing collateral damage from ricochets.


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