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Madness playing the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee


If you didn’t see the concert for Queen Elizabeth II during the Diamond Jubilee, you missed a good one. Buckingham Palace was all lit up, used as a projection screen for the bands’ video portion of their songs.

I thought it was interesting that Madness played. I haven’t thought of them in decades.

The original tune, “Our House” has a line in it at 1:45 that says, “Something tells you that you’ve got to get away from it.” I think it’s hilarious. I once heard a version of it that ended with that line, stark and obvious by itself. Most people probably have never paid attention to that line.

I think it’s interesting that Madness completely left that line out during their Diamond Jubilee performance.

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  1. 2012-07-24T02:33:48-04:00 02:33

    One of my favourite SingStar tunes (o: Always loved their “House of Fun”, too.


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