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Wooden doors


In the jungle, we have no buildings that are older than about 1930, and those are usually wooden, rotting in the jungle heat and perforated by the everpresent termites.

In the northeast, buildings that are NEWER than 1930 can be rare. The government building I’m working in is the classic 1930s-style granite-block construction, with huge tall windows, tilt-in transoms above the windows for ventilation, and wooden doors throughout with the black-and-gold room numbers on the large glass pane in the middle of the door.

I love those old wooden doors in these old government buildings. So straight, so true, crafted carefully by professionals who knew what they were doing, installed carefully to withstand the test of time. They fit the doorframe perfectly, they swing effortlessly, and they usually have their original brass locksets. They shut with a satisfying clunk. The window in the door lets you see who’s in the office before you walk in, and the transom above it provides excellent ventilation. These buildings were built before there was air conditioning, so doors and windows and transoms were designed to admit plenty of light and air.

I like this place.

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