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Cue the cries of “Racism!”


One reason why crime is low in the jungle is because most of the residents are older and white. Both demographics are unlikely to commit crimes. But they are more likely to carry a weapon with which to defend themselves. More than 900,000 Concealed Carry Weapon permits have been issued in the jungle during the past decade.

This makes it distinctly unhealthy for criminals to ply their trade in the jungle, such as where an elderly man shot two 19-year-old thugs yesterday as they attempted to rob patrons at an internet cafe in Ocala.

Racists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been claiming that the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in nearby Sanford was motivated by racist hatred. The next step is for them to accuse this elderly man of racism for shooting these two poor “children” who were just trying to make a living in an economy where the official unemployment rate of black male teenagers is 40 percent.

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