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Watch “Longmire”


Longmire” is a new police drama on A&E Network. It stars the Australian actor Robert Taylor (whom I only know as Agent Jones from “The Matrix”), Katee Sackhoff (late of “Battlestar Galactica,” “24” and “Robot Chicken”) and Lou Diamond Phillips (late of “Stargate: Universe” and “Numb3rs”).

What’s fun about this show is:

  • Every character has a past, has reasons for doing what they do, and they’re all a family of sorts.
  • The show is not all about Longmire and how he’s the one who always sews up the ending. He says very little, a la Clint Eastwood. Most of the dialogue is spoken by others. Longmire is a man of action, not words.
  • It shows the West as it really is, or at least as close as Hollywood can get to the West these days. Rolling hills, pine trees, prairie grass, Indian reservations… it’s all there. The show is set in Wyoming but is filmed (at least in part) in New Mexico.

Yes, it’s just another police drama. But instead of the usual big-city police drama featuring black or Hispanic drug dealers and grandstanding “community organizers,” it’s about the people and their lives in “flyover country,” especially the Native Americans.

I like it.

  1. 2012-07-16T12:49:17-04:00 12:49

    I found Longmire on Hulu a couple of weeks ago and have really enjoyed it … find it funny that Lou has a very different way of speaking at times during the show .. hmmm what’s that about?


    • 2012-07-16T21:09:33-04:00 21:09

      I love Lou in “The Big Hit” and even in “SG: Universe,” but I agree, he slips in and out of “wise old Indian” character too much. I can’t tell if it’s on purpose or not. He’s too good of an actor to be sloppy like that, so I’m guessing it’s on purpose. To what end, I don’t know.


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