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Invisibility as a survival mechanism


It always makes me nervous when someone looks at me and really sees me. I try to be unremarkable, forgettable, invisible. It’s better for an alien’s health and well-being. Invisibility eludes me more than I would like.

Today a young woman spoke to me and really looked at me. It made me uncomfortable. I thought back to all the times people have looked at me and have seen me clearly. Each time, I have the same panic inside. I smile and find a reason to end the interaction quickly. It’s a survival mechanism, I think, but not an especially helpful one. It was useful when I was younger and less skilled at avoiding danger. Now I am better at recognizing danger, and I’m better able to defend myself. I don’t need to run away when people scrutinize me closely.

I need to reprogram my old reflexes. They’re not useful anymore.

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  1. Stephanie permalink
    2012-07-25T18:30:59-04:00 18:30

    Us humans wear what we call masks. Try it.


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