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Go see “Brave”


We broke our oath not to go to the movie theatre anymore, and we saw “Brave” this past weekend. It was terrific. Go see it. I like the bit at :50 in the following clip where the archer pitches a fit because he didn’t get a bullseye, a la tennis champ John McEnroe.


  1. 2012-07-12T18:55:23-04:00 18:55

    I may have to wait until that one comes out on dvd. I suggested it to my guys and eldest son asked my husband, “Do we know an hour and a half of ginger jokes?”


  2. 2012-07-11T21:42:34-04:00 21:42

    Yes, I like the look of that one. I’ve seen some average ratings from critics, but it is their job to, well, be critical. It looks like a bundle of fun.


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