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The Catchphrase stumper


We had a 4th of July party, with a bunch of people over for dinner. I smoked salmon, brats, and boneless pork blobs (you can’t call them “ribs” if they’re boneless, can you? they were mostly fat anyway) and vegetables. Everything turned out wonderfully except for the vegetables. Advice online said to smoke them for 30-45 minutes. Apparently that does not cover potatoes or Brussels sprouts. Next time I will nuke the vegetables and semi-cook them first, before smoking them.

After dinner we played Catchphrase, before we went outside to shoot off three crates’ worth of fireworks. (It’s the jungle… you can’t set it on fire even if you tried.) Catchphrase is an odd little electronic game that’s a combination of Charades and Hot Potato. The frisbee-shaped device prompts you with a common phrase, and you have to give your team clues with which to guess the phrase before the time runs out. Ideally, your team gets the answer right, and you hand the device to a member of the opposing team before the “time expired” buzzer sounds.

It’s a lot of fun. But you have to play with people who are of a similar mindset. Which we weren’t. My team had a former judge on it, a judge who was schooled in classical Latin and Greek texts.

“What Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon,” was his clue.

I stared at him blankly. It’s been decades since I studied Latin, Latin classical works or Roman history. I’ve forgotten most of it.

That was the only clue he could give us. He couldn’t think of anything else. So our time ran out.

” ‘The die is cast’!” he yelled at us. We all looked at him blankly. “It’s been a long time since I studied Latin,” I reminded him.

“It’s been a lot longer for me!” he grumped. Well, good for him. His memory was much better than ours. But that was the worst Catchphrase stumper I’ve run into in awhile.

  1. 2012-07-08T05:19:37-04:00 05:19

    I know the catchphrase game, but not with an electronic device. I guess that adds some excitement with a buzzer or whatever sound it gives. But as you say, you need to play with a team of the same mind. Belated Happy 4th by the way.


    • 2012-07-10T09:57:02-04:00 09:57

      Thanks sir, hope you had a good week in your part of the world! Last night we played Cranium, which has maddeningly vague questions. I loathe that game.


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