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So near, and yet so far


I have a friend whom I have not seen in five years. Sometimes we talk every week. Sometimes we don’t talk for six months. It’s one of those kinds of friendships, where time stops if we don’t talk. When we resume talking, no time has passed. It’s nice.

My friend moved to a place near me recently, and suffered a nasty injury at the same time. My friend is housebound for a few months. I want to visit, but I have been traveling, and when I’m home, I have been occupied with nursing my darling wife’s injury.

I feel badly that I haven’t been able to see my friend yet, even though now we are only a few kilometers apart, instead of many thousands. I want to go visit, but darling wife won’t go with me while she’s injured. And she would be furious if I left her to go spend time with my friend.

It’s been five years since I’ve seen my friend. A few more weeks won’t matter. I hope.

  1. Stephanie permalink
    2012-07-04T11:37:47+00:00 11:37

    I can’t write what I’m thinking, but I agree that if your friendship is as timeless as you say, the wait should not matter and your friend should understand that.


  2. ideasexplorer permalink
    2012-06-30T03:26:31+00:00 03:26

    It’s obvious that you are both a good husband and a good friend. Time, energy and other constraints exist nevertheless… If your friend knew your good intentions and your silent support, I bet he would be moved anyway!


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