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Bad things, good things, part 2


Back in February, I sold a boat through my mechanic. Or so I thought. The deal fell through and the boat sat there on the mechanic’s lot for four months.

The M1 Carbine I bought from the mechanic is junk, as it turned out. I like the design, I like the cartridge, but that particular model (built by the now-defunct Universal Firearms Company) is junk. I will sell it and buy a “real” military model.

Eventually I retrieved the boat from the mechanic’s lot and asked a nephew if he wanted it. He is poor and can’t afford much boat, but I would rather he have it if he likes it. He wanted it, so I sold it to him on installments, for half-price.

He loves it. He’s already modified it and has been wave-hopping in the river where he lives, terrorizing the sharks which bask in the shallows.

I’m glad I sold it to him. And I will not buy another boat. After observing my neighbors in many places over many years, I now know that pleasure craft of any type tend to sit unused. Whether they are boats, campers, jet skis, motorcycles, airplanes, or spacecraft, they just sit and gather dust. I thought I would be different, that I would use my pleasure craft. I was wrong.

Time to go buy a better M1 Carbine with the proceeds from the boat. Or maybe an AK-47.

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