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Booting the wrong host from “Today”


After weeks of rumors, “Today” show co-host Ann Curry announced that the network management was removing her from her post. She will stay with NBC, but be given the job of foreign correspondent. She will be replaced by Savannah Guthrie. Curry had been on the show for 14 years, and replaced Meredith Viera a year ago as co-host. At the same time, the show’s ratings began to slide, until ABC’s “Good Morning America” overtook “Today” in the morning ratings in April, breaking the ratings lead that “Today” had held since 1995.

I don’t watch any morning television (especially “Today”) because it makes my brains rot. But Ann Curry was one of the strongest people on the show. She projected intelligence, compassion and professionalism, even when she occasionally succumbed to the show’s pervasive liberal slant when conducting interviews. In comparison, Matt Lauer consistently displays arrogance, impatience, and general pissiness with his guests. He’s an angry little man, and it’s torture to watch him.

NBC made a mistake. They replaced the wrong host. Curry made the show credible. Lauer makes the show painful. Getting rid of Curry won’t help “Today” ‘s ratings, because the problem (Lauer) is still there.

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