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Coming to a theatre near you


Devo is touring this autumn, first in the US with Blondie, and then in Australia and New Zealand with Simple Minds and The Church. It’s very exciting.

They’re coming to a theatre near me. “Near,” on a cosmic scale, anyway, which amounts to roughly the distance between me and the International Space Station at its closest approach in its orbit. It would be quite a hike to go see them, and it would be expensive. Total cost of the trip, plus a lost weekend, would be on the order of $400 or $500, assuming I could convince darling wife to go. Darling wife will probably refuse, and I won’t force the issue. I don’t listen to her acid rock and classical, and she doesn’t listen to my New Wave. It’s an agreement to disagree.

If I was younger and more carefree, I would go by myself. Now that I’m older, wiser, and busy preparing for the next economic collapse after the Euro dies, I’m going to stock up on more weaponry. Sell some I don’t use, buy some that interest me. There isn’t a current version of the StG-44 rifle that’s easily obtainable in the proper caliber (7.92 x 33mm), and that cartridge is not easy to find anyway, but the common AK-47 rifle (7.62 x 39mm) will do nicely, seeing as how the AK combines the best elements of the StG-44 and the M1 Garand.

Besides, I already have all the music Devo ever made, and I’ve seen them twice in the past five years. They put on a fantastic show. But an alien’s got to have priorities.

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