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Here there be dragons


On ancient maritime maps, the mapmakers would sometimes draw a dragon, or write “here there be dragons,” if it was an area that they couldn’t define with certainty.

We’re uncertain about what’s sleeping in our front flower bed at night. It’s something very large, over a meter long, massing at least 50 kilos, judging from the size of the mashed-down plants each morning. It’s either a big dog, or a wild pig, or a panther.

Or a small dragon.

Whatever it is, it seems to like bromeliads, because it keeps ripping them out and chewing them down. Or maybe it hates them. I don’t like bromeliads either – their leaves are sharp and can cut you, and they breed mosquitoes in the water that collects in their leaves, though you can stop that by sprinkling coffee grounds on the bromeliads (coffee grounds acidify the water, making it impossible for mosquito larvae to mature). I’m all for ripping them out, personally, but darling wife likes them.

I will have to move our automatic wildlife camera to cover that spot, and see what’s sleeping there at night.

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