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Catch-22, part 2


I was putting off talking to an annoying parental unit, the one I’m waiting on to die. The longer it lives, the more obviously true the adage “only the good die young” becomes. Some people are too mean to die.

I finally called it. It was pretty nice on the phone. It wants me to visit. I declined, as usual, citing work. (I could be unemployed and I will still be too busy to visit.) But it was a pleasant conversation.

I have discharged my responsibility for another few months.

  1. 2012-06-29T08:32:58+00:00 08:32

    Are you talking about one of your parents? So you had a pleasant conversation but you refer to your relative as “it”. I don’t understand aliens.


    • 2012-06-29T11:50:12+00:00 11:50

      Yes, “it” is one of my parents. It’s a very annoying one, too. I admire people who have a good relationship with their parents. I also appreciate people whose parents are already dead. It’s a weird no-man’s-land I inhabit. Aren’t you on vacation already? ;-) Thank you for always being so kind to visit.


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