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Keep a stiff upper lip


The British like to keep a stiff upper lip, as in, never let things get to you. Darling wife is having a terrible time with her broken appendage. She’s not used to the pain, because she’s never been injured like that before.

My own body took a lot of work to make it functional in this biosphere. That was very painful. I’ve also damaged it a lot. That was also painful. So I have a hard time relating to darling wife’s perception that this event is the single most horrible thing she’s ever undergone. It’s not bad. She’s in great shape, considering her injury. She is lucky that she wasn’t damaged worse. And she’s healing wonderfully. Yes, it hurts. I know exactly what that pain feels like. But stop whining about it. Whining doesn’t make it hurt less, and it does annoy people around you.

I don’t say any of those things, if I can help it. I’m trying to be supportive.

I can’t let it get to me. ;-)

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    hope she feels better soon


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