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Three choices, part 2


The hasp on the garbage can did not work. The raccoons enjoyed chewing up some salmon-coated tinfoil into very small pieces and spreading it around the yard. I think I may offer them some strychnine-coated tinfoil tonight and see how they like that.

It’s my own fault, because the hasp I got was too small, and I had to mount it off-center, on one side of the lid. Of course, raccoons are smart enough to pry up the other side of the lid.

I removed the hasp, drilled a hole through the lid and garbage can in the center of one edge, and pinned them together with a long threaded wingnut bolt, one that can be simply pulled out without tools, but which takes some effort to pull out because it’s threaded.

That’s worked for the last three nights. If it stops working, it’s back to strychnine. But raccoons are not stupid. If they try something several times and it fails every time, they stop trying. I inadvertently trained them to raid my garbage by making it easy for them. I will now train them to avoid my garbage by making it difficult for them.

Onward and upward.

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