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Next time you should listen


My darling wife went out in public with her broken appendage today. We bumped into some friends.

Seeing her injury, the father said, “You shouldn’t have to make Marvin tell you something twice,” intimating that I had injured her, and injured her purposefully. Wife slugged him.

Later, we bumped into the son in a separate conversation. The son said basically the same thing. “You should listen to Marvin next time he says something to you.” Wife slugged him too.

We thought it was interesting that they would both say the same thing to her. We expected it from the father, because he’s old and sexist, but the son is young enough to know better.

I corrected them both. “She uses the cast as a club to keep me in line,” I said.

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  1. 2012-06-24T00:40:47+00:00 00:40

    Clearly they have some latent hostility against women. Probably because they keep getting hit by women.

    And I’m sure your wife keeps you in line with psychological manipulation; violence is for her relatives to fantasize about.


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