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Eyeball to eyeball


I was sitting in the vehicle, answering a message. I had unfortunately parked next to a McDonald’s, which has its usual coterie of beggars hanging around. I know better than to invite attention from beggars by parking near them; I just forgot myself.

I saw movement to my left, and turned to look. I was eyeball to eyeball with a large heron. The tip of its beak was almost touching the glass, centimeters away. It waited expectantly for me to feed it. I ignored it, because feeding it makes it dependent, and allows it to produce even more offspring which will also become beggars. By feeding it, I become part of the problem. It needs to survive on its own, or die trying. That’s how a properly-functioning ecosystem works.

It waited some more. I continued to ignore it.

Finally it left. I thought it had gone, when I noticed movement to my right. There it was, at the passenger window, waiting.

I drove away.

  1. 2012-06-24T00:42:21-04:00 00:42

    Clearly you haven’t watched enough Hitchcock. Or you’ve seen just enough.


  2. 2012-06-19T13:16:10-04:00 13:16

    Keep a supply of apps from the county employment office in your car. Herons can at least get a job posing for tourists from Kansas or New Jersey or something.


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    2012-06-19T13:08:30-04:00 13:08

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