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Men, please validate your partner


A relative was lamenting that her husband thought she was crazy because she has dreams which come true. It’s called dream precognition or clairvoyance, and it has a long history. For example, she dreamed that there was a horrific road accident in a specific place. A few hours later, there was. She dreamed that a relative died. The next day, the relative did. It happens all the time to her.

Her husband thinks she’s nuts. He refuses to even consider the possibility that what she says is true. He said this to us, right in front of her. I could see her wilt under his derisive leer. It was so sad.

We believe you, said darling wife. Wife shared her own precog experiences. I shared mine. It happens to us a lot, we said. There’s nothing wrong with you.

In fact, I told her, when your baby becomes verbal, you might experiment with reading each others’ minds. The bond between mother and child facilitates telepathy, often over long distances.

That sent her husband into a frenzy of denial. We dropped the subject, but we gave our relative an extra-special hug when they left.

Men, please validate your partners, especially if you know they’re not crazy, but they’re just believing in something you don’t. It’s your job to validate and support your partner. Unless they’re really nuts. You know, like a Scientologist, or Brett Kimberlin.

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    I don’t always agree wholeheartedly with your political views, but when it comes to your judgement of Scientology, I’m with you! What peeves me most about it is simply its name. I studied science at university, I love science. Yes, in some respects, science is a religion – it is a way of looking at the world, a way of appraoching things – but it has nothing to do with that religion. I still take offence at the name.

    As for the rest: go you guys. It is a shame he couldn’t support his wife. It’s fine if he just kind of nods and smiles because he doesn’t “get it”, but, he could at the least take the time to *try* to understand where she’s coming from when she tells him of these experiences. Actually belittling her in front of others because he doesn’t understand isn’t on. He might think you guys are crack pots, too. Poor him.


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