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Three choices


A screw, a hasp, or rat poison. Those are the three choices I have, to stop the raccoons from getting into the garbage. Actually, there are five choices: a screw, a hasp, rat poison, a new garbage can, or sitting up and waiting for them to come by so I can shoot them. The last two are less desirable, since the existing can’s in good shape, and I don’t want a ricochet to hit my neighbor’s house, because then I’ll have to patch his stucco. So we’re back to three choices.

I already put a screw in the lid, to bolt it to the body of the can when it’s closed. It’s mightily effective, but it means I have to take a drill with me to unscrew the lid when I take out the garbage. I bought a hasp which, when installed, will let me flip off the lid and then lock it back down without tools. It may or may not work because the hasp is not very big.

Rat poison would be satisfying, but really, the raccoons are just following their genetic programming. It’s really up to me, as a thinking being, to prevent them from getting into the garbage without simply killing them. If I was going to eat them, the choice would be immediate and clear (waste not, want not). But I’m not going to eat them, because they’re probably infested with parasites. And if I wanted to eat them, rat poison would be out of the question. So we’re down to two choices: a screw and a hasp.

We’ll try out the hasp tonight. If that doesn’t work, we’ll go back to the screw.

Or if I’m annoyed enough, I may just shoot them anyway.

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    hope the hasp works


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