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The day democracy died (snork)


I saw on the news ticker that Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin won again in the recall election which attempted to unseat him. I was surprised, actually, especially after the huge tantrums liberals threw last year against Act 10, which eliminated public worker unions’ collective bargaining ability and required them to contribute more to their pensions and healthcare. Wisconsin has always been a bastion of communism in the American midwest, and it seemed like the communists would win the recall effort. But perhaps enough people noticed that in Wisconsin, government workers get paid more and have better benefits than private industry workers, even after Act 10 took effect. Obviously I didn’t give the people of Wisconsin enough credit to recognize what was in their best interest.

One of the best things about Act 10 was that it ended the practice of forcing public worker union members (who often cannot work in a particular industry or job without joining the union) to pay dues to the union. Some unions in Wisconsin have lost more then half their membership since Act 10 passed. Why is this good? Because unions, especially public worker unions, always support liberals and help get them elected. Liberals, in turn reward the unions with more power and more money. It’s a symbiotic relationship. By cutting off the unions’ cash flow of mandatory dues payments, it weakens the unions’ ability to buy elections and to expand their control over the workers and taxpayers who (up to 2011) were forced to fund the unions.

This person didn’t see it that way. He thinks “democracy died” when the recall effort failed. No, democracy prevailed against the unions’ totalitarian efforts. People don’t like to be forced to do anything, whether it’s being forced to pay union dues, or being forced as a taxpayer to fund outrageous salaries and benefits for unionized government workers. Democracy lets them cast their vote against union thuggery. Democracy won the recall effort for Walker, in a big way.

I thought it was funny that the crying man, and the media, are trying to claim that Walker had a huge cash advantage in the election ($34 million versus $4 million is the claim). They are conveniently forgetting to mention that unions (both inside and outside of Wisconsin) spent $21 million to help Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett (D) win the election against Walker. Barrett spent $4 million, the amount the crying man (and most of the media) quotes, bringing the total to $25 million spent by the main liberal groups to unseat Walker. Walker spent $30 million from various conservative sources, some of them outside of Wisconsin, to prevail against the recall effort. Other groups on both sides spent another $8.5 million, bringing the total cash spent in the recall effort to $63.5 million.

$30 million spent by conservatives against $25 million spent by liberals isn’t nearly as lopsided as the media would like you to believe. I didn’t hear any crying in the media when the liberals outspent conservatives $23 million versus $20 million back in September 2011 to unseat 2 of 6 conservative state senators who had backed Act 10. No, no crying at all back then. Now, though, the media is screaming that “money talks,” and that money bought Walker the recall election victory.

No, democracy did.

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    The Republican advantage in ad spending is not just a one-week phenomenon. Dating back to November 1, Walker and his Republican allies have spent $12.3 million to run ads, more than double the $5.6 million spent by Barrett and his Democratic allies. Overall, more than $18 million has been shelled out to run recall related spots since the beginning of November.


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    Marvin, I know you loathe Jon Stewart, but this piece from the other night’s Daily Show takes to task the people who initiated the (now futile) recall election:—wisconsin-recall


    • 2012-06-10T11:35:31+00:00 11:35

      Wow, that was funny! Thank you! He bashes both liberals and conservatives, which is a nice change from just bashing conservatives.


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