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Breakable things


Human bodies are such fragile, breakable things, not flexible and squishy like I’m used to being. Luckily it wasn’t me breaking something this time, but darling wife, who managed to shatter an arm while attempting to brake a backwards fall. It’s her first time breaking a bone. I was surprised that she’d managed to pilot her body to its current age without breaking something before now. Perhaps she’s just luckier than I am. Her luck went on holiday for a moment the other day, though, in a sudden and painful way.

Her luck resumed its unhurried hum almost immediately, getting her into the emergency room in a matter of minutes, and into surgery with a very good doctor in a matter of hours. Surgery on this backward planet is always dicey, and you’re liable to come home with more interesting problems (such as infections) than what you went into the hospital with, but she’s doing okay so far, with some new metal parts.

It’s fortunate that I was home to help her with this, and even more fortunate that I’ll be home for a few weeks to continue to help her. And even more fortunate that our insurance changed only a few days before to a better plan, which provides much better coverage than our old one. Perhaps our luck never ran out at all.

Onward and upward. All the men in her life have congratulated her on being bionic now. She thought I was just being odd when I said it, but now she knows I’m not. At least not for that particular reason.

  1. 2012-06-10T16:47:24-04:00 16:47

    Oh wow…God bless and heal that Mrs. (hey, heads up I had to take my blog down, or make it registration only, or something, got a bunch more threats. Makes me crazy someone can live in my country and enjoy freedom of speech and try to squelch mine. I’ll be in touch)


    • 2012-06-11T09:16:19-04:00 09:16

      Oh no!!!! I’m so sorry you’re being harassed! I will pray for your safety! Thanks so much for your well wishes.


  2. 2012-06-09T00:01:19-04:00 00:01

    Next time: tuck and roll!

    Glad she recovered so well.


  3. 2012-06-08T10:22:32-04:00 10:22

    You are all so kind, thank you!


  4. 2012-06-08T04:17:04-04:00 04:17

    I, too, send wishes for a speedy recovery. Breaking things is no fun, and it sounds like she did it good and proper, too. Very ouch.


  5. 2012-06-07T18:53:29-04:00 18:53

    Ouch! Best wishes to darling wife for a speedy recovery and welcome to the metal parts gang!


  6. 2012-06-07T17:56:21-04:00 17:56

    I hope all keeps going well with the healing for your wife! I never broke a bone either, OMG, I probably shouldn’t have said it. Anyway, glad it’s all working out and all. Bionic is awesome :)


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