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Liberals’ war on women…and blacks


I think it’s interesting that liberals in America (led by their Dear Leader) continuously accuse conservatives of waging a war on women, when there’s no evidence of it.

Video evidence exists of a liberal war on women, though, in the form of “gendercide” by Planned Parenthood. Examples are here and here. Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a problem with terminating fetuses simply because they are female. Liberal women don’t have a problem with it either, as demonstrated by female MSNBC hosts (who clearly can’t count, since the Roe v. Wade court case which legalized abortion nationwide in the United States was decided in 1973, nearly 40 years ago, not 20 years ago as they say in the clip).

Today the US House of Representatives tried and failed to pass a bill which would have banned abortions of fetuses based on their gender, and would have punished doctors with fines and jail time for violating it. The bill required a 67% yes vote, but only garnered 56%.

I used to be opposed to abortion, simply because I thought it wasn’t fair to the infant. Then I saw Donohue and Levitt’s 2001 study which suggested that abortion helped eliminate millions of unwanted children who otherwise would have turned to a life of crime, lowering the crime rate in the 1990s. That study has been proven to require more research, because the conclusions were not supported by the data. But the theory is worth investigating, I think.

Blacks account for 13 percent of the US population, but blacks account for more than 36 percent of all abortions in the United States. Since 1973, that means there are 16 million fewer blacks in the United States than there would be otherwise. Black women have abortions at a rate five times higher than white women. Planned Parenthood boosts this rate by deliberately targeting minority neighborhoods for Planned Parenthood clinics.

Abortions are steadily declining in the United States, from a high of about 29 per 1000 women in 1981, down to about 19 per 1000 women in 2008. I know many women who have had abortions. Most of them believe they made the correct decision, but they also regret it, many years later. It seems to be a psychic burden for them.

Interestingly, I could not find any statistics about the percentage of terminated fetuses in the United States which were female. It seems that the US Centers for Disease Control do not track such data.

I’m thinking about three things.

  • FBI data shows that blacks commit crimes at rates far beyond their 13 percent of the population: 49 percent of murders, 32 percent of rapes, and 55 percent of robberies, as a few examples.
  • Blacks consistently vote liberal, and 95 percent of black voters voted for Dear Leader in 2008, 0r 15.32 million out of 16.13 million black people who voted. Abortion eliminated 16 million black people since 1973, 65 percent of whom (10.4 million) would have voted in 2008, and of those, 9.88 million would have voted liberal. So without abortion, there would be 10 million more black liberals in the United States today, or a city the size of New York City.
  • Women vote liberal by between 4 and 11 percentage points in presidential elections, with 56 percent of women voting for Dear Leader in 2008. Planned Parenthood performs more than 300,000 abortions per year. Absent any hard data, let’s say that ten percent of abortions per year are performed for gender selection. That’s 30,000 females per year. Since 1973, that’s nearly 1.2 million women terminated before they could vote. If 46 percent of those women would be of voting age today, that’s 538,000 women who would be voting today, 301,280 who would be voting liberal, versus  236,720 voting conservative, which gives the liberals an advantage of nearly 65,000, or a city the size of Bloomington, Illinois. UPDATE: I used the wrong percentage: since 1973, 54 percent of the aborted cohort of females would be of voting age now, while 46 percent would not.  54 percent of 1.2 million females terminated before they could vote is 648,000, 362,280 of whom would be voting liberal, giving liberals an advantage of 77,760, or a city the size of Columbus, Indiana.
    UPDATE: The numbers for females above are only for females terminated BECAUSE they were female, and that’s a guess. If we look at all females aborted in the US since 1973, at a rate of 300,000 abortions per year (abortions performed by Planned Parenthood alone – actual US abortions since 1973 have averaged 1.14 million abortions per year), and a sex ratio of 105 males per 100 females born (48.78 percent of all human births are female), then Planned Parenthood aborts about 146,340 females per year, or about 5,707,260 females, 56 percent of whom would vote liberal, or about 3,196,066 liberal females, or a city the size of San Diego.
    556,000 females are aborted each year in the United States, including Planned Parenthood and private abortions. Since 1973, that’s 21,687,588 females aborted, 56 percent of whom would vote liberal, so that’s 12,145,049 liberal females, or a city about the size of Moscow, Russia.

Blacks are disproportionately targeted by abortion, and it can be argued that females are also targeted by a lesser margin. But since blacks commit crimes at rates far beyond their proportion of the population, and both blacks and women tend to vote liberal, then abortion helps reduce the incidence of both crime and liberal votes. Without abortion, the problem of the “entitlement culture” would be worse than it is already, because there would be even more people voting themselves bread and circuses than there already are, increasing the economic decline and social disorder.

Liberals are waging war against blacks and women, which are two major liberal constituencies, using abortion as the weapon. The more people point out the problem, the harder liberals fight for abortion.

It would be funny, if there weren’t so many people dying in that war. But as an alien, I encourage liberals to keep exercising their abortion rights, and frequently. For the rest of you, your future depends on it.

  1. 2012-05-31T23:07:45+00:00 23:07

    this liberal is not fond of abortions, but i also don’t want my congress to make decisions on my body. so, if we just made wise decisions we wouldn’t have to make a decisions we would regret later in life.


    • 2012-06-01T05:50:31+00:00 05:50

      Yes, if only people would plan ahead, most abortions would not have to be performed at all, rendering the problem moot.


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