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Brain dumps


I am starting up a new project, or rather, I am resuming an old project. Clients often call me back. It’s very flattering. But about half the time, I can’t come back because I’m already booked. So I have to ramp someone else up to do what the former client wanted me to come back to do. That’s what I’m doing this week in Cleveland. Cleeeeevelaaaaand. You have to say it with the right nasality, like you have a permanent cold. I can never say it like the locals do. The locals sound different, and they even look different. They have a pasty pudginess to them that is unique to northern Ohio. Probably all that Slavic DNA which is heavily concentrated in this area. Nice people, though. I feel safer here than I did in Los Angeles. Angelenos are always on a hair trigger, just one red light away from wigging out in traffic. That’s why they have a dedicated community cable channel that features nothing but live, real-time car chases, 24 hours a day. (No, not really, but there’s an untapped market there, I’m sure, right next to the pay-per-view prisoner execution channel. I would subscribe to both. And let the DVR record them. And forget to watch them. Just like I do today with the channels I already have.)

I picked my junior comrade for this job because I knew she would be good at it. It’s an amorphous job, with ever-shifting tasks and priorities, and it uses a consultant’s keeping-the-customer-happy skills. She’s good at that. My goal in being here this week with her was to do a brain-dump and show her everything I’d been doing, because this is the only chance I’ll really have to remember everything I’d done previously and teach it to her hands-on. After this, if she calls me and asks me questions, I probably won’t be able to remember what I did all those years ago. I have to have my tentacles on a system to remember what needs to be done and how to do it. A lot of it is muscle memory and relational memory. I can’t draw out discrete bits of information from my memory very efficiently. I have to start at the beginning of a memory thread and work through the scenario, remembering all the nuances and caveats along the way. I’m only able to do that if I can touch the things I worked on, and the memory-aura of the thing suffuses me and reminds me of what I’d forgotten. There’s too much information to keep in my brains, so I don’t even try. I leave it where it lies, in the crater of the experience that created the memory. That trait helps me keep moving through life, so I don’t get to attached to any one place, time, or person. I leave my memories behind. (Interesting – I just learned something about myself. Or maybe I had already learned it, and forgotten it, and taught it to myself again.)  

Apparently I didn’t have as much information to dump from my brains as I thought, because this afternoon junior comrade ordered me to stop talking and let her fight through the task I’d assigned her. She learns faster than I thought. Or I am more irritating than I thought.

Probably a bit of both.

  1. 2012-06-02T23:28:21+00:00 23:28

    ah… maybe that’s why she goes on so many holidays


  2. 2012-05-31T04:33:13+00:00 04:33

    I don’t think my friend in Cleveland would appreciate being described as pasty and pudgy


    • 2012-05-31T06:01:52+00:00 06:01

      Some are just pasty, true. ;-> It’s the endless cloud cover, you know. The sun only shines on alternate Tuesdays.


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