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Sunday seacoast drive, part 4


It was getting later in the afternoon after I visited the lighthouse at Pigeon Point, California.

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  • I saw several people sitting on the cliffs by the seaside.
  • The rocks were beautiful, all different colors (I think).
  • There were odd palm-tree-shaped plants, rubbery things, growing on the rocks in the surf line. They spend half their day in the air, and half their day underwater, with the action of the tide. It’s a brutal existence for a plant, but they seem engineered for it.
  • A pretty hillside cemetery.
  • I have never seen a gravestone made of welded metal, but this one was.
  • This goat was determined to get at something on the other side of the fence.
  • A crazy man lives in this bus.
  • I passed the witch stuck to the telephone pole on the way home.
  1. 2012-05-31T11:16:43-04:00 11:16

    All the photos of the rocks are beautiful. You have a great eye.


  2. 2012-05-27T02:53:41-04:00 02:53

    how bucolic. love the pretty rocks


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