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Two by Hate Dept.


I drove around a bit today in Los Angeles. I still don’t like it. But I did see some funny things, like a lunch truck serving lobster, and a low-rider pickup truck with its rear bumper dragging the ground. I took some pictures of oil wells. They remind me of mindless metal dinosaurs, tethered to their grazing spot, slowly bobbing up and down, sucking the disintegrated liquid remains of long-dead organic dinosaurs from the ground. It’s interesting to think that this time around, humans have built their entire civilization around oil, which is not particularly easy to extract, refine, transport, consume, or clean up after. Yet now that the infrastructure exists to use it, it’s uneconomical to replace it with better things.

I had this first tune playing on the radio. It’s appropriate, because Hate Dept. started here in Los Angeles, in the 1990s industrial music scene.

Then I found this second tune by Hate Dept., which I also like.

  1. 2012-05-23T01:40:58-04:00 01:40

    That first one’s catchy. It would be interesting to see how Duran Duran would do it.


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