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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day 2012


I saw a headline on the news ticker that said Pakistan had blocked Twitter (again) because it contained images “offensive to Islam.” What, it’s May 20 again? In 2010, May 20 officially became “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” The history goes like this:

  • The “South Park” television show on Comedy Central network had been on for 14 seasons already. Season 14 Episodes 5 and 6 (the 200th and 201st episodes of the entire series) featured the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, along with other religious figures like Jesus, as part of “The Super Best Friends,” a superhero group. Mohammed is never actually seen except when dressed in a bear suit, which makes fun of Comedy Central’s censorship of previous “South Park” episodes from 2001 and 2006 which did depict Mohammed.
  • After “200” aired, Muslim militants (including Zachary Adam Chesser, later sentenced to 25 years in prison) threatened to kill Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of “South Park.” Comedy Central, fearing that Muslim militants would attack Comedy Central facilities and staff, heavily censored episode “201,” which drew massive public criticism.
  • As a result of the criticism of Comedy Central’s censorship, Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris drew a cartoon on April 20, 2010 calling for “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day,” making a stand for free speech. The idea was that if large numbers of people drew Mohammed and posted it on the Internet, it would be impossible for Muslim militants to kill them all, and thereby would prove that freedom of speech trumps intimidation and violence from Muslims.
  • Someone else created a Facebook page promoting the idea. Others created a Facebook page calling for a ban on the idea. It turned into a Facebook war, with each Facebook page garnering tens of thousands of followers within a few days.
  • Norris became afraid of the viral nature of her idea and the possibility that militant Muslims would target her. On April 25 and 26, 2010, she posted that she was withdrawing from the discussion. Nevertheless, the battle continued to rage on Facebook and in other online forums, as well as the media, pitting freedom of speech against fear of Muslim reprisals (disguised as “respect for Islam”).
  •  On May 19, 2010, the Pakistan High Court, responding to Pakistani lawyers’ complaints about the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” Facebook page, ordered that Facebook be blocked for two weeks.
  • On July 11, 2010, reports surfaced that Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki had issued a fatwa ordering Norris’ death, along with the deaths of 8 other cartoonists/bloggers/journalists. Norris then changed her name and went into hiding. Later, al-Awlaki, who inspired the Underwear Bomber (Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab) and the Times Square Bomber (Faisal Shahzad), was “droned” (killed by a CIA drone attack) on September 30, 2011.
  • May 20 continues to be “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” on the Internet.

So, thank you Pakistan, for reminding me that today is “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” If it weren’t for Pakistan’s collective idiocy, I might have forgotten about it.

Here is my usual contribution to “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” I didn’t bother to draw a beard on it this time.

I don’t ask to be placed on blog aggregators or bulletin boards of any type, but sometimes people put my blog there. I’ve been banned from more than one Muslim blog aggregator because of posts like this, mostly because the person who runs the blog aggregator is afraid he/she will be attacked by fellow Muslims for allowing my posts to stand. I don’t mind being banned. If Muslims can’t tolerate free speech, then they should not look at it or participate in it. But Muslims have no right to order non-Muslims to abide by Muslim codes of propriety. Muslims often forget this, because their religion instructs them to regard all non-Muslims as infidels, to be killed or enslaved at will. I’m here to remind them that others, especially heavily armed aliens, do not agree with the Muslim viewpoint, and will not comply.

I saw an article circulating around the Internet, where Dr. Peter Hammond illustrated that Muslim violence and intimidation increases proportionally with the percentage of a country’s population that is Muslim. I thought that was interesting. It certainly does reinforce the Western maxim of “Peace Through Superior Firepower.”

The next world war on this planet will likely be fought between Muslims and everyone else. The seeds of that war began in 622 A.D. The war is already under way, and has been for over a millennium. Every time you read a news story about Muslims killing people, that is one more battle in that war. Here is a partial list of incidents of Muslim violence for 2012 until now. Most of the violence occurs in the Middle East and the Far East, which is why Western media does not talk about it. The most you might hear in Western media is about the systematic pogroms by Muslims against Christians in Egypt, now that the “Arab Spring” handed power to the militant Muslim Brotherhood. Too often, Western media tries to cover up the problem with articles like this one in The New York Times today.

Do not submit to Muslim intimidation, or their calls for “tolerance” by abiding by Muslim rules. Muslims must obey their own rules, or other Muslims will kill them. Non-Muslims must not obey Muslim rules, if they wish to remain free.

Happy “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.”

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    I keep drawing my friend Mohammad, mostly because I actually know what he looks like.


  2. 2012-05-20T20:07:01+00:00 20:07

    And to you! I tend to agree with what you say here.


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