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I watched five minutes of “Cougar Town” last week with the family. It was only on because none of us could find the remote in the couch cushions.

We might as well have been watching a documentary in French. No one found “Cougar Town” funny in the least. “I know I’m supposed to be laughing,” said a relation, “but it’s not funny. I don’t get it at all. I don’t even understand what they’re talking about,” he said. I agreed.

We redoubled our efforts, finally found the remote, and switched to basketball, which was not an improvement. I finally left.


I must confess to liking “Common Law,” a buddy-cop show on USA Network. It is cliche’d, formulaic, politically-incorrect, and predictably unbelievable. Good stuff.

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    I haven’t seen “Common Law” (not even sure if it’s shown here in NZ). I have seen “Cougar Town” and found it somewhat funny. Not evough to make me an avid viewer by any means. What about “Community”? Have you seen that? I’ve caught it a few times and it looks pretty funny. I’ve also heard good things about it. But, we haven’t committed outselves, yet. We don’t tend to watch things according to the TV schedule, or we’d miss heaps (the nature of having a child run around and too much to do!).


    • 2012-05-19T21:04:34-04:00 21:04

      I haven’t seen “Community.” I remember hearing about it (a disbarred lawyer teaching at a community college, right?) but have never seen it. I can’t think of any NBC shows I watch. The over-hyping of “Friends” really soured me on the network, and I have rarely gone back to it since then (except for “Chuck,” which got tiresome two seasons ago). My darling wife watches “Off Their Rockers,” “Harry’s Law” (thankfully canceled), “Smash” and “The Voice.” I refuse to watch any of them. I find NBC’s opinion of its’ viewers’ intelligence to be insulting (see “30 Rock” for an example). Sadly, NBC will never go bankrupt because GE and Comcast own it. But I don’t have to watch it. If you like “Community,” though, I will go peek at it on Hulu and see. ;-)


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