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Honey, if you’re a lesbian, it’s okay


Niece promised to bring her non-boyfriend (according to her, he says he is her boyfriend, but she says she does not have a boyfriend) to the family gathering this past weekend. Psychic as I am, I knew this would not come to pass, and I was right. I also knew one of her brothers would not come, and I warned her about it, yet she was still surprised when he didn’t.
So non-boyfriend did not show up either. I can’t blame her…she has deep trust issues with men, having been relentlessly tormented by her brothers and her father her whole life. She was quite calm and confident with her family this past weekend. I didn’t see her lose it once. I was proud of her.
When she announced that her non-boyfriend was not coming to the gathering, we asked to see a picture of him. After all, she had stayed with him for two days before the weekend, after not seeing him for months.
She said she had no pictures of him. I said I didn’t believe he actually existed. She insisted that he did.
“Honey,” I said with a smile, “if you’re a lesbian…it’s okay. We love you just as much.”
She grinned and slugged me. Both of us know she’s not a lesbian. She may never have a “normal” relationship with a man, but she does the best she can.
As we all do.

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    Well, I always knew you were psychic and now you confirmed it Marvin. :) That is sad about your niece being tormented and all from her brothers and father. I was blessed with no brothers, all sisters and a wonderful Dad. I sure hope she will find happiness when the time is right, sounds like you have a very good relationship with her. Enough to tease her and glad she grinned and slugged you! ;)


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