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Sunday seacoast drive, part 3


Sorry, I got interrupted by life for a month there. Back to my thought train about California, from a December drive.

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  • There was still some Halloween decorations up (the witch on the telephone pole)
  • The lighthouse is Pigeon Point Light Station, 80 km south of San Francisco. It was built in 1872, is 39 meters tall, and has a first-order (the biggest) Fresnel lens with 1008 prisms. It’s now a state park and a hostel with cottages next door. It’s a lovely place.
  • The sea air is rusting away everything that’s metal. This sign can’t have been more than a decade or two old.
  • The lighthouse no longer operates; they dismounted the lens and stored it in a barn next door. They have a modern flash beacon mounted on the front of the lighthouse now, with a horn that sounds every few seconds. The lighthouse is crumbling a bit (the top is girded by an iron band that’s rusting away, and part of the top fell off a decade ago), so they’re working on restoring it, and meanwhile you can’t go up in it to the top.
  • I fiddled with trying to get the sun behind the top of the lighthouse to make it look like the light was coming FROM the lighthouse. I’m not sure it worked well, but it was fun to try.
  • I can’t imagine trying to grind lenses and build a Fresnel lens. It’s insanely complicated.
  • There were lots of cacti planted around the hostel cottages.
  1. 2012-05-07T03:08:41+00:00 03:08

    Good shots. I like the one of the white picket fence, the angled composition, and also the ones with a backlit lighthouse. The one with the sun streaming through the top with the flags works well.


  2. 2012-05-04T10:56:50+00:00 10:56

    Beautiful photos! Did you make it to Point Reyes?


  3. 2012-05-04T09:44:52+00:00 09:44

    Loved all your shots, they looked so great!


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