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Back in the big city


I’m back in Miami this week, working some more with my client from February, who liked me so much, they brought me back. That was very kind of them. Handshakes and hugs all around, when I arrived this morning.

We’re working through some issues they have, and getting more practice, because they have not touched the tool since I taught it to them nearly two months ago, the poor dears. They have regular jobs, and no designated time to devote to using what I taught them. And this time, I have a couple of new students who missed the first class. So it’s mostly refresher training for the current bunch, plus new training for a few, all while we’re trying to move forward on building their content that they have been assigned to build with the tool. Lovely people, very bright, very comradely. They just need to be allowed the time to get good at this kind of work.

Really, I need two weeks with them, to help them get up and running. I have three days. I’ll make the most of it. Perhaps they’ll just acknowledge that they don’t have time to build it themselves, and they’ll hire me (or a comrade) to build it for them. That would be nice too.

Regardless, it’s nice to be back.

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