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The frog in the freezer


We are fighting an infestation of Cuban tree frogs. They are big, pale things with bug-eyes and huge splayed footpads. They emit a harsh croaking sound. They also eat all of our native chirpy frogs.

The Cuban tree frogs must die.

Unfortunately they are very fast. And very smart. The best way to catch them is during the daytime, while they sleep. They often lie in the bend of a drainpipe, or stick themselves to the wall under an eave.

Small butterfly nets and Ziploc bags work well. Slap the butterfly net over the frog, whip him around in the net so the net seals him in, then place the Ziploc bag over the mouth of the butterfly net and flip him into the bag.  Zip the bag shut.

Then put the bag in the freezer. With the other bags of frogs.

Our freezer now has three frogs in it, frozen stiff. I am told they die quickly, painlessly. It’s not nearly as much fun as hitting them with a hammer, but it’s certainly less messy. If they are frozen solid, do they shatter like glass? That will be next week’s experiment.

Now we have to empty the freezer, before we grab the wrong bag during the next weenie roast.

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